Best Reddit Apps For Android To Join Discussions in 2024

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Reddit is a great place to ask questions and discover new topics. The best part is the community and the discussions on different topics. It is also among the best online forums to get answers to all your questions.

The Best Reddit Apps For Android

Atom for Reddit

This Reddit app for Android has a smooth interface and is easy to use. The popular posts are on the first page known as Front Page. Additionally, all the popular subreddits are available on subsequent tabs. We can easily swipe between them and even change their appearance. Moreover, we can sort the different subreddit feeds and even save the sorting default. 

Another feature is the age filter for posts that can be disabled or enabled without the need to log in. There are options for data savers, so we can conserve our internet data when needed. The free version has ads but is not intrusive and the good thing is that the Premium version costs way less. Overall, it is a simple, easy-to-use Reddit app for Android.


Infinity For Reddit

This Reddit app for Android is similar to the previous app. The user interface is quite fluid and also easy to use. Additionally, the feed can be arranged in various layouts. The gallery layout especially looks modern and appealing. Moreover, the content filter can be enabled or disabled without logging in to the app. Design-wise the app feels better than the previous one.

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Infinity for Reddit takes the customization further by allowing you to tweak a bunch of UI elements. Additionally, we get data saver, app lock, themes, and more. The theme is not limited to light and dark mode and also includes a Material You theme as well. Moreover, there’s support for multiple gestures for swipe and button actions.


Boost For Reddit

This is another Reddit app for Android that can provide a well-designed and smooth experience. The app’s interface is clean and the options are at the bottom. We have a left hamburger menu with the subreddits and other options. Additionally, there are multiple layout designs for the home feed including the gallery, only images, compact, swipe, etc. 

Moreover, we do get multiple themes and customization options. There are options to customize the different elements of the app including navigation, posts, videos, images, etc. We also have options for data usage, data saving, and advanced content filters. There are ads in between the posts but that can be removed with the premium version which costs quite less.


Relay For Reddit

This is probably one of the most popular and best Reddit apps for Android. Relay doesn’t try to be like other apps and has its unique design. The most noticeable element is the big Red clear button in the middle. This button is quite useful as with one tap, it can clear all the read posts and links. It declutters the feed and makes scrolling much easier. 

The app also features settings for appearance and different app behaviours. Moreover, we can customize what long tap, double tap, or swipe actions will perform for posts, links, or comments. Additionally, filter options can help hide the subreddits or keywords we do not want to see or change the age filter age as well. There are options related to data usage and animations which can further improve the app’s performance. Overall, Relay does an excellent job with its unique take on the Reddit app for Android.

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Joey For Reddit

Joey for Reddit is quite a unique Reddit App for Android. Firstly, the most impressive feature is the Media cards. It lets you view the posts consecutively just by swiping up, something like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. This new way of viewing the content is quite appealing and fun as well. The interface of the app fits in Google’s Material You design and is simple and minimal. Additionally, we can change the layout of the home feed and images from multiple options.

Moreover, the app supports a variety of themes that can be easily accessed from the home screen itself. Another great and unique feature of Joey is the Text-to-speech functionality. You can tap on the little TTS icon on a post and it’ll read it aloud. Additionally, the settings app features various customization options related to appearance and content. We even get an app lock and gestures support as well.


Now For Reddit

This Reddit app for Android has a very simple and clean interface. We get all the default subreddits on the top as swipeable tabs. Additionally, we can manage the subreddits and access search and other functions in front of the side menu. There aren’t many themes just the basic light and dark theme. For customization, we can change the feed’s card size, image quality, toolbar, etc. Moreover, we can change post elements behaviour like the comments, browser optional video players, etc. However, we cannot access the age filters without logging in to the app.

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Rif For Reddit

This Reddit app for Android is fast, simple, and easy to use. The side menu consists of several subreddits and we can filter and perform searches from there as well. The top of the front page has all the sorting orders for the feeds. Moreover, the settings have advanced options for the built-in browser removing the need for an external one. We get multiple themes and appearance settings for comments, posts, layout, etc. Additionally, we have options to save or hide browsing history and options for content filters as well.


Official Reddit App vs Reddit Client Apps

The official Reddit app is by no means bad, but it lacks smoothness and customization options. We get the basic themes, view, and appearance options which feel limited after using the different Reddit apps for Android. Additionally, the size of these apps is much smaller and they load up faster as well. Moreover, the majority of the users prefer to use the Reddit Client app, instead of the official one. Joey and Infinity for Reddit provide a much more appealing “Material You” design that fits the Google design language. While Relay and Boost load up fast and give a good overall experience. So that was the list of the Best Reddit Apps for Android, make sure to comment on your favourite from the list.

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