What Exactly is Sweet Baby Inc & How it affects our Games?

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So, you’ve come across the term “Sweet Baby Inc.” or SBI and you’re wondering what all the buzz is about? Let’s dive into this intriguing topic and explore the controversies surrounding it.

Understanding Sweet Baby Inc

Sweet Baby Inc. is a Canadian consulting firm operating within the video game industry. Their stated mission revolves around promoting empathy, diversity, and inclusivity in gaming narratives. Additionally, they collaborate with game studios to enhance storytelling and character development. Their main aim is to make the games more inclusive and representative of diverse voices.

Sweet Baby Inc. Logo

Projects and Controversies

Their portfolio includes involvement in notable titles like Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok, Alan Wake 2, and Sable. However, their contributions have sparked debates, particularly regarding narrative choices and character representation.

For instance, in Spider-Man 2, there are side quests related to a deaf character, which some players find either refreshing or forced. Similarly, in God of War Ragnarok, the portrayal of certain characters raised eyebrows, with debates over race swaps and narrative influences.

Gamers vs Journalists

In recent times, the gap has widened between the gaming community and the gaming journalists. While the community wants more freedom of artistic choices, better storyline and gameplay mechanics. Journalists and consulting companies like Sweet Baby Inc. want inclusiveness and diversity.

Moreover, the average gamers often feel misrepresented or misunderstood by mainstream media. They value gameplay, narrative coherence, and artistic freedom. Which sometimes clashes with narratives perceived as agenda-driven or pandering.

The Sweet Baby Detector

Recent controversies surrounding Sweet Baby Inc. include attempts to ban a Steam user who created a tool to flag games associated with SBI. This incident, dubbed the “Sweet Baby Detector,” sparked widespread attention, leading to discussions about journalistic biases and industry dynamics.

Stellar Blade Controversy

Similar to the story above, the recent demo release of Stellar Blade also raised a lot of eyebrows. Especially by various online media networks. The one who was most under the heat for their remarks was IGN France. They made some controversial remarks regarding the character design in the Stellar Blade game. However, the article was heavily criticised and they released a formal apology later.

Stellar Blade (Shift Up, Sony Interactive Games)

Final Thoughts

Inclusiveness and diversity is important in the gaming industry. We also have to give a similar push to better storyline and gameplay mechanics. While Horizon Forbidden West was criticised for the character design, the overall gameplay experience outshone those remarks.

What are your thoughts on these ongoing controversies in the gaming world?

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