Chrome OS Flex Alternatives with Android and Google Play Store !

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Google’s new Chrome OS Flex has gained quite the popularity since it’s release. For older computers, it has proved to be quite useful and fast in daily usage. Although it has it’s limits like no support for Android apps and games. Let’s check out some of the best Chrome OS Flex alternatives with Android and Google Play Store support.

Prime OS

Prime OS is one of the popular Android OS available for PC. It is mainly popular for the extensive gaming features it provides. Playing Android games on a PC is a popular trend and Prime OS has taken advantage of this trend.


Unique offering such as key-mapping is a huge attraction for avid gamers. We are no longer dependent on a mouse or gaming console to play games. Key-mapping enables us to use our keyboard to perform the functions of playing the game.

Chrome OS Flex Alternative with Gaming Features

This actually is quite helpful in first person shooter games where accuracy is important. Other than gaming we get the Google Play Store support, which with we can download million of applications.

prime os google play store

Prime OS is available in two versions, one with Android 7 Nougat and other with Android 11. But the latest one with Android 11 is still in Beta and is not suitable for daily usage.

Android 7 being older makes it stable enough for daily usage and we can still download and use many apps. You can check out this article to see how to install Prime OS in dual boot with Windows.

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Fyde OS

Fyde OS has definitely become the next Chrome OS Flex and even the normal Chrome OS Flex alternative. It is also based on Chromium OS and also has support for Google Play Services.

Although the installation of Google Services require additional set-up. But once everything is ready the overall experience is quite worth it. Just like Chrome OS we see the support for Linux as well.

Chrome OS Flex Alternative based on Chromium

With Linux and Android support it really does feel a lot better. While installing Chrome OS can be a little complicated, the same is not true for Fyde OS. The installation is quite straightforward.

Anyone that is looking for a good Android OS with the experience like that of Chrome OS. Then they should definitely give Fyde OS a try as it is one of the best Chrome OS Flex alternative with Android and Google Play Store support.

Check out the installation guide for Fyde OS in single or dual boot with Windows.

Android x86

Android x86 is also among the top Android OS available for PC. It is the most basic Android OS available as it is not trying to mimic desktop UI. The interface is similar to as of the smartphone or tablet.


We do not see any start menu but an app drawer like phone. The interface is suitable for a touchscreen laptop or a tablet. We can navigate around using mouse as well.

Chrome OS Flex Alternative for Touchscreen

The Android version is 8.1 Oreo, which is newer than that of Prime OS. But Gaming is not possible with keyboard as there is no gaming mode or feature. We can use mouse click to trigger touch for various games but that is limited to very few games.

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I honestly think that this OS is meant for touchscreen laptops or convertibles. The performance is quite fast and lag free. We have the Google Play Store for various apps and games.

So overall Android x86 is quite stable and also of the best Chrome OS Flex alternatives with Android and Google Play Store support. Check out the installation guide for the installation of Android x86 in single or dual boot.

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