Beeper Mini is Not Working, End of iMessage on Android?

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A few days ago, Beeper Mini was released in the Google Play Store. The app quickly gained a lot of popularity and installs. The service was made to bring the popular iMessage to Android. But looks like that dream is short-lived, as reports suggest that Apple has cut access to Beeper Mini to its servers.

What is Beeper Mini?

I have also tried the Beeper Mini and this was just the beginning of their services. You can get a 7-day free trial and then it was $1.99 a month. Moreover, the highlighting feature is the ability to send blue bubble texts to our iPhone friends. Also, Beeper Mini didn’t require an Apple ID and could work just with your phone number. It also claimed to have used the Apple servers directly for communicating between iMessage and Beeper Mini. Unlike other iMessage apps for Android which used remote Mac servers.

Beeper Mini Not Working

Beeper reverse-engineered Apple’s iMessage to finally bring the blue bubble texts to Android. Many users started facing issues with the servers and the company at first reported that there was an outage. It was thought that a lot of new users were signing up causing stress on the servers. The error read: “failed to lookup on server: lookup request timed out” in red letters.

Apple Cuts Off Beeper Mini Access

According to the source, when asked the Beeper CEO if there was a way that Apple may have cut the Beeper Mini access?. He replied that there was a possibility, looking at all the data. Previously, Eric Migicovsky said that Beeper Mini wasn’t just secure for Android users but also for iMessage users. This is because the green bubble text from the Android phones is unencrypted. He further added that those messages can be seen by Google, Apple, your carrier and even third parties.

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Green Bubbles are Not Secure

I mean there is a reason why RCS messages, Telegram, and WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted. However, Apple is using the iMessage to keep its users in the ecosystem. Moreover, you need an iPhone to access and enjoy iMessage services. Currently, there is no reason for Apple to make this service available to everyone when it can use it to attract new buyers.

Will Beeper Mini Come back?

Looks like this will be a long game of cat and mouse between Beeper and Apple. However, this was expected, as Apple is known to pull stunts like this. If Beeper Mini services every resume then it will be a huge win for the community. Beeper CEO, Eric Migicovsky is constantly updating the status on his X profile, which you can check here. Some users reported that the old Beeper Cloud which was using the remote server method is still available.


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