6 PC Games Like Stellar Blade That Fills The Void!

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Stellar Blade is one of the most popular games currently. The demo gameplay has already gone trending and gamers want to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, it’s a PlayStation 5 Exclusive and cannot be played elsewhere, at least for now. So we have curated a list of games that are similar to the style and gameplay of Stellar Blade. Let’s check out the best PC games like Stellar Blade.

Nier: Automata

“Nier: Automata” is an acclaimed action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. The world in the game is infested with various robots and machines. We play as Androids like 2B or 9S, completing various missions and quests. While they are Androids, their human-like nature and emotional complexity add a relatable touch.

Additionally, the captivating soundtrack and multiple endings have earned it widespread praise. Moreover, Nier: Automata has won numerous awards, making it a top choice. This is the closest game to Stellar Blade, as even Stellar Blade took inspiration from it.

Bayonetta 3

“Bayonetta” is an action-packed game featuring a powerful witch named Bayonetta. She battles angels and demons using stylish and dynamic combat techniques. Players control Bayonetta as she unravels mysteries surrounding her past while engaging in intense battles against formidable foes.

Similar to Stellar Blade, the game features fast-paced gameplay and fluid combat mechanics. Both games offer players the opportunity to control strong and skilled protagonists with deep storytelling experiences. Bayonetta has earned itself a vast follower base due to its protagonist and stylish combat style.

Horizon Zero Dawn

In “Horizon Zero Dawn,” players embark on an epic journey as Aloy, a skilled hunter in a post-apocalyptic world. Like Nier: Automata, the world has been taken over by robots and machines. We play as Aloy whose aim is to uncover her origins and save the world in the process. Additionally like “Stellar Blade,” “Horizon Zero Dawn” immerses players in a universe filled with strategic gameplay and a strong female protagonist.

However, since Horizon is set in a post-apocalyptic world, the combats include a mix of old and modern technology. For example, a new arrow with a modern arrowhead or combustible technology. Both games offer a blend of action, exploration, and narrative depth that captivate players. Moreover, this keeps them invested in the protagonist’s journey of discovery and survival amidst formidable adversaries.


In “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice,” players step into the mind of Senua, a Celtic warrior embarking on a journey through a dark world. As Senua, players navigate through psychological trials, solve intricate puzzles, and engage in visceral combat against otherworldly foes. The game’s gripping narrative, psychological depth, and intense gameplay feel similar to “Stellar Blade.”

Both games invite players into immersive experiences where they explore the complexities of their protagonist’s psyche. Players will need to face daunting challenges and explore themes of identity, trauma, and resilience. While the graphics may look a lot darker and grim, the overall gameplay experience is still quite immersive.


In “Control,” players take on the role of Jesse Faden, who becomes the director of the Federal Bureau of Control. It is a secretive government agency investigating paranormal phenomena. As Jesse, players wield supernatural abilities like telekinesis and shape-shifting weaponry. Additionally, we navigate through the Old House which is the agency’s mysterious headquarters.

Moreover, the game’s blend of supernatural powers, and intricate world-building, gives vibes like “Stellar Blade.” Both games immerse players in a world filled with enigmatic mysteries, and challenging adversaries. Additionally, it offers thrilling gameplay and narrative depth that resonate with fans of immersive action-adventure experiences.

Tomb Raider

In the rebooted “Tomb Raider” series, players follow the journey of Lara Croft. Players can enjoy exploring ancient ruins, solving puzzles, and battling enemies. Also, the character has a hidden past that we uncover as we progress through the game. As Lara, players navigate through treacherous environments, uncover hidden secrets, and confront powerful adversaries.

Much like “Stellar Blade,” the “Tomb Raider” series offers players a compelling mix of action, exploration, and character development. Both of the games succeed in showcasing the strength and resilience of a female protagonist in challenging and dangerous situations. Tomb Raider rebooted version is a set of three games that are all critically acclaimed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the diverse range of games discussed offers fascinating experiences that resonate with fans of immersive and narrative-driven gameplay. All of them feature strong female protagonists who have excellent character design and progression. if you have watched the demo gameplay of Stellar Blade, then you will agree with the list. Do share your game suggestions in the comments.

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