Is “Proton Drive” a Better Google Photos Alternative? Encrypt Your Backups!

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Google Photos is the default gallery app in most Android Smartphones. Previously, Google used to provide unlimited photos backup storage for standard quality images. However, with recent updates the storage provided is now limited to only 15 GB. And this storage is shared between Google Drive backups as well. However, Google Pixel devices still have the capability to upload unlimited photos.

Proton Drive Can Backup Your Photos Automatically

This is where the new Photos backup option of Proton Drive comes. The service comes from the popular company behind Proton Mail and Proton VPN. Additionally, it provides some better and enhanced features to attract new users. Proton Drive is a Google Drive like service which provides option to upload various files and documents on their cloud servers.

Photos Uploaded on Proton Drive are end-to-end encrypted

However, with the new update, the photos backup can happen automatically in the background. Some more advantage of Proton Drive is end-to-end encryptions for all the files uploaded. A feature that no other cloud service is providing. Additionally, Proton is a Swiss company, which means it follows the strict privacy laws of Switzerland.


Moreover, Proton Drive is open source and people can view their codes to verify if they work as they claim or not. All of these privacy features ensure our files are safely backed up on their cloud servers. So, in terms of privacy and security Proton Drive seems better than even the popular services like Apple’s iCloud and Google Drive.

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Proton Drive Has a Big Disadvantage

But there’s an aspect where Google Drive and iCloud are more favourable than Proton Drive. And that is the pricing and storage limits. The thing is Google Drive provides upto 15 GB of storage in it’s Free plan. While Proton Drive only allows 1 GB of files upload and photos backup. Most of the Google Drive users use the free version of their plan and the provided storage can last for many years.

Price compared to Google Drive and iCloud

The next viable option for Proton Drive users is to go for the 200GB plan that comes for $4.99 per month or the 500GB plan that costs $12.99. While, Google Drive has a 100GB plan that costs $2 per month or $3 for 200 GB. And, iCloud for Apple users get 50GB storage for $0.99 going up to $2.99 per month for the 200GB plan.

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