Huawei Unveiled “5nm Kirin 9006C” Chip Despite US sanctions

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Huawei has introduced a new 5nm chip known as the Kirin 9006C SoC amid the heavy US sanctions. This launch comes shortly after the Chinese Tech Giant revealed its latest 7nm Kirin 9000S chip in the newest Mate 60 series smartphones, a few months back.

Impressive Feat For SMIC

The Kirin 9000S while cannot compete against the likes of Mediatek or Qualcomm. Still it’s quite impressive how SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) was able to produce such a chipset with the limited availability of hardware resources. It was quite surprising, when they announced the mass production of 7nm Kirin 9000S. Moreover, it’s even more shocking that they’re now able to mass produce the 6nm based Kirin 9006C SoC.

Kirin 9006C Has Increased Power Efficiency

The details additionally show that Kirin 9006C utilizes a 5nm process technology and features an octa-core ARM CPU (4 A77 cores and 4 A55 cores) with a maximum clock speed of 3.13GHz. Additionally, the processor delivers improved performance, increased power efficiency, and a faster processing rate.

Huawei’s Reliance on TSMC

Before all the sanctions and tensions, Huawei used to rely heavily on Taiwan’s TSMC for the chipset components supply. This is the case even for major players like Qualcomm and Mediatek. However, TSMC even being a Taiwanese company uses American technologies in it’s process. Which give US the right to interfere and TSMC have to comply with the US export regulations. Therefore, Huawei had shifted it’s focus to it’s domestic market for the innovations and manufacturing of chipsets.

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Huawei’s New 5nm Kirin 9006C in upcoming smartphones?

The latest Kirin 9006C can be found in the Qingyun L540 laptop, which is listed in their website. However, seeing it’s specifications and efficiency, it could be the next big SoC release in their smartphones as well. Also, Huawei says it offers “higher performance, lower power consumption, and faster processing speeds.” And just like he 9000S, it’s not just a release of a chipset but a statement of their dedication to innovate.


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