UPDATE: New Site-Level Approval Process for AdSense for Search

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Exciting updates are happening in the world of online monetization, particularly with Google’s latest announcement regarding AdSense for Search (AFS). Google is introducing a new site-level approval process that will impact how you monetize your websites. Let’s learn what this means for you and your online presence.

Simplified Approval Process

Starting on March 4, 2024, Google is introducing a simplified approach to help you generate revenue from new sites using AdSense for Search (AFS) and Programmable Search Engine (ProSE). To kickstart displaying ads via AFS on a new site, you must first add the site to the Sites tab within your AdSense account.

Verification and Compliance Checks

After adding your new site, it will undergo a verification process to confirm your ownership or authorization to modify its content. Furthermore, Google will review your site to ensure compliance with both AdSense Program policies and Google Publisher policies. Once your site passes these checks, it will be labelled as “Ready,” allowing you to begin displaying AFS ads.

google adsense site management

Transition Period for Existing Sites

For those who are already monetizing with AFS ads, your existing sites will automatically appear in your Sites tab. You have until August 30, 2024, to submit these sites for approval. During this interim period, ads will continue to be served, but it’s crucial to meet the deadline to avoid any disruptions in your ad serving.

Moreover, Google emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality, original content on your sites. This not only enhances user experience but also increases your chances of approval for AFS ads. Google also encourages publishers to familiarize themselves with the AdSense Program policies and Google Publisher policies to ensure ongoing compliance.

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Lastly, it’s worth noting that the streamlined approval process aims to improve the overall user experience for publishers, making it easier to start monetizing new sites efficiently. Take advantage of these changes to enhance your online revenue generation strategies.

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