Tesla Holiday Update 2023 Adds 12 New Features!

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During the Christmas season, Tesla is often known to release a bunch of updates at once. These updates often include new features and functions that users look forward to every year. This is the year the release notes were leaked but we also have the official release notes from Tesla as well. Let’s see the 12 changes and features added in the update.

Custom Lock Sounds

With the new Tesla Holiday Update, you can swap the standard horn lock sound for something quirky, like a screaming goat, an old-school horn, a jingle, a duck’s quack, and more. This customization adds a bit of personality to our Tesla, which is sure to turn some heads. It’s a small tweak but can add a touch of fun to our daily drives

tesla holiday update 2023 release details (5)

Tesla Arcade

Castle Doombad is now added to the Tesla Arcade. There are also new updates for Beach Buggy, Polytopia & Vampire Survivors. We can even get a rumble effect for the PS4, PS5 and Xbox controllers in select Tesla Arcade games.

Rear Screen Bluetooth Headsets

Now while playing touchscreen games, we can also connect wireless Bluetooth headphones. This is great for the driver and front passenger, as there’ll be no unwanted noise. And the rear passengers can also silently enjoy the movies, music or gaming without worries.

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LAN Party on Wheels

This feature can transform your Tesla into a mobile gaming hub with the rear touchscreen. Whether stuck in traffic or taking a break, we can play some popular games like Beach buggy racing, Fallout Shelter, cat Quest and more with the Tesla Arcade. This is a nice upgrade for the rear passengers, as during long journeys it can be a great pass time.

Also, this would go very well with Tesla Arcade’s added compatibility with PS4, PS5, and Xbox Controllers. As well as rear-screen Bluetooth Headsets, which would likely be appreciated by parents who tend to go on long trips with their children.

Apple Podcasts

The new Tesla Holiday Update also adds the vast podcast library of Apple Podcasts. We can explore millions of the world’s most popular podcasts, which have a diverse range of catering to diverse interests and topics. We can listen to the informative discussions, and engaging stories while driving our Tesla.

Tesla App Trip Planner

With this Holiday update, we can use the Tesla Mobile App to seamlessly plan a multi-stop journey. We can use the app to map out the route and then send it directly to our vehicle. This is quite a helpful update, as long trips often require detailed planning with proper routes and stoppages.

Speed Cameras on Route

This safety update is for navigation and adds important alerts for speed cameras, stop signs, and traffic lights. Also, this information is in real-time, so it promotes safety and road awareness.

Automatic 911 Calls

Looks like Tesla Holiday Update is all about safety as this new feature is related to it as well. In the event of an accident triggering the airbags, our vehicle can automatically dial the emergency number 911. This feature ensures swift response and assistance during emergencies. Also, it’s useful when the driver or passengers are not conscious or in panic.

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Blind Spot Indicators

This is a new update for the blind spot camera’s indicators. So when the blind camera detects a vehicle in your blind spot it’ll alert you with a red shading. Therefore it’ll improve our awareness which in turn will promote safer lane changes. Ultimately, this can prevent collisions as it mostly happens when we are unaware of cars in our blind spot.

More Live Sentry Cameras

With this new update, drivers can access not only the rearview but also the left and right pillar cameras. This can be viewed in the Tesla app, which now has a total of 7 important angles. A great addition to improve the surrounding awareness while driving or parking.

Light Show

This aesthetic update adds a new light show called “The Arrival“. Light shows are just for fun and celebration, and can be played with your friends with sync function. We can even schedule the light show up to 10 minutes in advance.

High Fidelity Park Assist

This is quite an advanced feature of the Tesla Holiday Update Package. High-Fidelity Park Assist creates a 3D structure of your surroundings, which helps you during parking. These 3D visualizations are precise and give an accurate account of what’s around you. Therefore, it can help avoid vehicle collisions or obstructing another vehicle.

tesla holiday update 2023 release details (5)


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