Apple To Use AI for Ads Placement in The App Store

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According to reports, Apple is testing Artificial Intelligence for placing ads inside Apple’s App Store. This will help in choosing the best placement of ads, which can improve the overall performance of Advertiser’s Ad campaigns. It is expected to be released in the upcoming months.

Moreover, it is speculated that Apple may deploy this AI technology elsewhere as it expands its ad services. This will mean that we may see ads in other Apple system apps as well, as it becomes more relevant. It will be interesting to see Apple take on the advertising industry, similar to that of Meta and Google. As they have already deployed AI tools for improving the prevalent advertising campaigns.

meta ai ads

The AI tool will simplify the advertiser’s job as they can simply put in their budget and audience and let the AI do the rest. There are slots available in the “You might like this”, Today page, and Search page for these ads. Apple also runs ads in their New and Stocks ads but they are mostly managed by NBCUniversal.

apple app store ads

Apple’s Ads business is evergrowing and some believe that it could grow to $6 Billion by the year 2025. Moreover, out of that sum, $4.1 billion could be contributed only through the Search ads, AI advertisement has a huge potential as it can identify the user behaviour and show ads accordingly.

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