YouTube Creators can Now Pause Comments in Videos, New Changes

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YouTube is releasing a new feature called Pause for Everyone. This will allow creators to pause new comments on videos, at the same time preserving the old ones. Youtube claimed that this feature was in testing, and received positive feedback. Therefore, this new feature is rolling out to everyone.

During the experiment phase, testers reported that with Pause they were able to gain more flexibility over the management of comments. Additionally, it was much easier to pause comments for a single video than on an entire channel. Especially when the comments became too overwhelming. It allowed for a great break time in between as well.

It’s also worth noting that before this pause feature, creators had to hold comments before publishing. Another way was to turn off comments entirely on our channels. This wasn’t the most appropriate way because it limits the user interaction. However, the video-level paise function acts as a much better option for limiting unwanted spam and comments.

How To Enable Pause for Comments?

YouTube creators can access this toggle from the gear icon of the comment section. Additionally, the comment section can be either from the YouTube watch page or the YouTube Studio page. Moreover, this option will be available on both mobile and desktop for easier access. Another thing is that pausing the comments doesn’t completely remove the comments section. And viewers can still see the past comments.

Changes To Option Names

YouTube has also changed the name of some previous comments moderation settings. They said it was done to simplify the management and naming of comments moderation settings. We now have three options for comment moderation

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