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Dual Boot Blend OS and Windows – Run Android, Linux, and More

Blend OS is an immutable all-in-one Linux distro capable of running Android, Ubuntu, Debian and many more containers. Moreover, this provides the user option to choose the desired desktop environment and enjoy the full experience. Let us explore and learn how to install and dual boot Blend OS and Windows on our laptop or PC.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 64-bit CPU, Newer than 2009.
  • Minimum of 4 GB of RAM and 25 GB of storage.
  • USB drive, with a minimum size of 4GBs.
  • Internet connection, for the installer

Getting Started

Before beginning, we need to make sure our secure boot is disabled from the BIOS menu of our system. For this, we need to power our system and then press the power button and the BIOS key (see image below) and enter the BIOS menu.

BIOS key for different manufacturers

Here, we need to find the “secure boot” option which is usually under the boot or security tab, and turn it off. Also, if you have an older system, make sure to disable the boot legacy option. Now save the settings and reboot the system.

Creating Partition to Dual Boot Blend OS

On the Windows desktop, right-click the start menu and select “Disk Partition”. Here, we will shrink our C or D drive to make space for dual-boot Blend OS. Right-click on the C or D drive and select shrink and choose the desired storage space, usually 20 GB or more. Create the partition by following the instructions and don’t change anything.

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creating partition in windows create partition program

Download and Dual Boot Blend OS

To start with the dual Boot Blend OS process, we need to download some necessary files first. Firstly, visit the official Blend OS website and download the latest Blend OS ISO image file. Moreover, we have Seven versions of Blend OS, and all of them are based on different Desktop Environments. I will download and install the GNOME version, so click on the first link and download the ISO image. Additionally, we need a program to create a bootable USB and for that, we will download the RUFUS program.

Create a Bootable USB Drive

Open the RUFUS program and we’ll see a small window. Select your USB from the drop-down list. We need to select the Blend OS ISO image that we downloaded earlier. Now in the partition scheme select according to your system. Right-click on the “Disk 0” and select properties. In properties and under the “volume” tab, we can see our partition type. For my system, it is GUID Partition Table or GPT. Similarly, check yours as we’ll need this information when using RUFUS.

We can now begin the process to create the bootable USB drive. You must remember that all your data on the USB drive will get formatted. The process will take a while and finally, we are ready to dual-boot Blend OS and Windows. After the flashing is done, we need to shut down our pc or laptop. Now press the power key and Boot key (see image below) together and enter the boot menu. Select your USB from the list of devices.

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boot menu key

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