Bulls Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 is an SUV e-bike with Full Suspension, Motor Gear Unit

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The German Bike company, Bulls has launched an all-terrain e-bike “Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1”. The bike features a full suspension system for all-terrain rides and is being called the SUV e-bike. Additionally, the bike features a combined motor and gearbox, luggage rack, belt drive, and more. Let’s explore the features in detail of the Bulls Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1.

Battery and Range

The e-bike is available in two battery options 720Wh and 960Wh. There’s no official range information available for the Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1. However, the 720Wh downtube battery should be able to last for a full City ride along with the assisted pedaling system. And to go further beyond that we can opt for the larger 960Wh battery model. It all comes down to personal preferences and daily usage. One thing to keep in mind is the bigger battery model will cost more for obvious reasons.

Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 Combined Motor and Gearbox

Another highlighting feature of the e-bike is the combined motor and gearbox by Pinion. The system is officially called the Pinion MGU, which stands for Motor Gear Unit. The gearbox has 12 Gears and is safely hidden inside with the motor. This design ensures the safety of the gearbox from outer impacts. Additionally, the Motor Gear Unit can produce a torque of 85 Nm and a top speed of 45km/h with pedal assist.

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Moreover, due to the internal gearbox system, Bulls was able to incorporate the Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt. Belt drive systems provide better overall performance than the regular chain system. The gearshifts are much smoother and they are easier to maintain and can last a very long time. The e-bike can carry up to 150 kg of weight, which is sufficient even if we combine all the luggage’s weight.

Full Suspension System

Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 full suspension system features an in-house Lytro 36 Supreme fork with 120 mm of travel. And for the rear, we have SR Suntour Edge mounted to a mono-link swing arm with similar travel to the front. All of these translate to smooth rides across all types of terrain. Whether it be City roads or tough forest paths, this e-bike won’t let you feel the bumps. Also, the 29-inch Schwalbe Johnny Watts puncture-resistant tires help in the journey assisted by the hydraulic disk braking system. The brakes are from Tektro and come with 203mm rotors.

Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 details and price (1)

Other Features

For carrying luggage and other trekking Gear, there’s a MonkeyLoad system carrier that can haul luggage of weight up to 25 kg. This is not the most heavy-duty luggage rack but still, it is better than nothing and can help in our trips to the grocery or the treks. Additionally, there is an option to attach two side bags with an auto-locking system. To help keep the water splashes and mud away, there are full front and rear mudguards. We also have a Supernova lighting system for the front and rear tail lights. Also, to monitor our speed, trips, range and battery, we have a color display and not mono color like others. Another fine touch is the comfortable Ergo saddle and seat which can be adjusted with just one touch.

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Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 Pricing and Availability

Vuca Evo Speed FSX 1 is available in Monza grey color and available in four different wheel size options. Additionally, for battery, we can either opt for the 720KW battery or €200 more we can get the 960KW battery option. This will greatly increase the range of the bike and is good for longer trips around the city or further. Coming to the overall price for the e-bike SUV, it is available from €8,299 not including the taxes. You can buy it from your nearest BULLS dealership which you find here.

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