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The popular Arc Browser browser from The Browser Company has finally launched its Windows client. The company said that it is onboarding its first set of users with the Arc Browser Beta. Moreover, there has been a huge demand for this browser on Windows since its launch on the Mac platform. Also, initially, the browser could be downloaded only through invites. However, now Arc Browser for Mac is available for everyone to download.

When will Arc Browser released on Windows?

Similarly on Windows as well the rollout will begin with invites only at first. The company is also looking to increase the invites for the Windows version during this month. Additionally, they mentioned that there are more than 500,000 people on waitlists. Also, according to the sources the Arc Browser for Windows is still in Beta version. We can expect that not all the features will be there from the Mac version. However, the developers are actively working to port key features like Peek and Mini Arc.

To join the waitlist, visit the website from your Windows computer and you will see the Join Waitlist option.

arc browser for windows waitlist

How is Arc Browser different from the competition?

You may be wondering why is there such a demand for another browser. But Arc Browser isn’t another typical browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, etc. Firstly, the interface is the biggest highlight and differentiating factor for the Arc Browser. We have the tabs arranged vertically instead of horizontally and present your bookmarks and tabs in an app-like launcher. It also opens up the supported apps in the web app so it feels like a separate app altogether something like the Chrome OS Flex.

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