Windows 12 May Release in the Second Half of 2024, Big AI Features & Changes!

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Microsoft is planning to release a new version of Windows OS, which is potentially codenamed “Hudson Valley“. And according to the sources, there is a possibility of Windows 12 release in the second half of 2024. Additionally, the new version is heavily focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Windows 12 Release and Availability

There are rumours that the early version of the Hudson Valley is currently in the testing phase inside the Windows Insider Canary Channel. Additionally, the RTM version which is exclusive for retailers is expected for release in April 2024. The new Windows update is trying to improve the user’s experience with the help of AI tools. Such as AI-powered Windows Shell and an “advanced co-pilot” Copilot AI assistant.

Windows 12 System Requirements

This assistant operates in the background and improves functions such as search, application launches, workflow management, and context understanding. The deep integration of AI across the OS will require new hardware called NPU (Neural Processing Unit). However, this change can make older computers incompatible with some of these new AI-focused features. This is due to increased use of resources like processor, RAM, GPU, etc.

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Moreover, with the release of Windows 11, the system requirements were increased. It required a minimum of Intel 8th-generation or AMD Ryzen 2000 series CPUs and 4 GB RAM. Additionally, there was a TPM requirement which created a lot of trouble for new users. This time the minimum requirement at least for the RAM can be at least 8 GB. This is based on the new AI functions and NPU hardware which will require better system specifications.

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Windows 12 Big AI Features

Recent Windows 11 updates, like the Copilot AI and Background Removal in Paint, hint towards Microsoft’s emphasis on new AI enhancements. Hudson Valley, in addition to the advanced Copilot, is rumoured to bring AI-powered wallpapers with dynamic effects. In addition, there’s a Super Resolution feature to upscale images, videos and games, and an improved energy-saving mode. There’s also a potential redesign of the desktop interface redesign with the system tray at the top.

Windows 12 can be called Windows 11?

Remember that the final name and features of Hudson Valley are yet to be confirmed. Some sources suggest that Microsoft may stuck with the Windows 11 name to avoid fragmentation. As there are more Windows 10 users than Windows 11. Therefore a new Windows 12 update adoption rate can also fragment the user base even further. Moreover, Microsoft would like to see more users on one Windows version rather than multiple.


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