Review: Warzone Mobile is HERE to Stay despite the Bad Ratings!

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Warzone Mobile is all the talk in the gaming category these days. It’s one of the most anticipated game releases of this year. However, its release was not the grand celebration as expected. From day one of the release, people had several issues with their devices. Fast forward some days, the reviews on the Google Play Store were at an all-time low of around 1.8 stars. However, I still think there’s hope for this game after playing and testing on 3 devices.

Call of Duty Mobile vs Warzone Mobile

This is the obvious comparison that everyone is performing after the release. CODM is still relevant and has a huge player base, on top of that it runs pretty smoothly on most devices. And if you remember the CODM release was a great success, it broke many records too. We didn’t see too many complaints as we are seeing now from the Warzone Mobile.

Moreover, there’s no official statement regarding the closing down of CODM. They’re some rumours about phasing off the game by 2025 which is a bit concerning. I’ve been a CODM fan from the launch day and have been playing on-off for years. The graphics of the game especially for the Battle Royale has improved so much. The new blackout map is my favourite and reminds me of the Warzone PC version.

Obvious Difference in Graphics

Call of Duty Duty Mobile has been developed solely for the mobile platforms. The main studios of the game are Timi and Garena, which are based in China. Additionally, the superhit PUBG Mobile also is developed by Tencent Games (China). What I’m trying to say is that these games are developed by a team which have quite a lot of experience in mobile gaming.

Warzone Mobile on Snapdragon 870

Warzone Mobile has no affiliation with CODM developers, which may have affected its mobile optimization. Moreover, Warzone is a full-fledged PC and Console game. Porting it to a phone is a grand task as people expect the same experience. However, the hardware needed for such graphics isn’t going to be mediocre.

Need Better Devices?

Honestly, I feel that the system requirements for the game have been set too low. I have the device that qualifies for the minimum requirements but the experience is not worth it. Moreover, I believed it was better the processor wasn’t on the support list. Most of the complaints are for the lower-end devices that don’t even have the cooling mechanism. Warzone Mobile is an extremely heavy game that heats the device rather quickly.

call of duty warzone mobile settings

Additionally, some have complained about even higher-end devices like with Snapdragon 888, 870 or 8 Gen 1. Now this could be fixed with a game update for these processors. These devices are more than powerful enough to play these games, but the issue is with the heating. The game is receiving backlash for heating the devices too much which is bad for the tropical climate.

call of duty warzone mobile gulag

Different Experience on iPhones / iPads

On the contrary, users seem to be enjoying the game on iPhones and iPads. Like many other mobile games since Apple has limited products, the game is better optimised on this platform. I have played this game on the iPad 9th Gen, the graphics are blurry but the gameplay and heating are under control. Others have a similar experience of smoother gameplay compared to Android flagships.

Warzone Mobile on iPad 9th Gen

I played this on my Poco F4 which has Snapdragon 870 processor. The gameplay was sharp, however there was a lot of heating. Additionally, excessive battery drain after playing 1-2 matches. Heating also reduces and fluctuates the frame rates which is bad for the overall experience. Heating is expected but it usually happens if we are playing continuously for an hour.

The Real Warzone Experience

Now even after all the issues, here’s why I think the game has huge potential. As I mentioned I have played the CODM for a long time. And I believe Warzone Mobile is a lot better in many aspects. Firstly, the gun mechanics and the gameplay feel a lot more competitive and real. There’s a certain feel of playing on a PC even though we are playing on a phone.

Moreover, the graphics which are the cause of various issues are also its main selling point. It is so much better in comparison to any other mobile battle royale game. The character’s movements, gunsmiths, and operators are well-designed and contribute to the overall experience. I mostly play the multiplayer mode which is limited for now. But I enjoy the gameplay, also because there are no CODM-like players that run around with snipers. The movement and gameplay mechanics are different here, so no quick scoping with snipers or too much free movement.

call of duty warzone mobile gunsmith

Final Thoughts

Lastly, Activision is trying to bundle the Modern Warfare 3, Warzone PC and Warzone Mobile together. They are all synced up and share gun progression and rank progression as well. So if you have a controller this makes the switch very seamless. If play Warzone on a PC or console then Warzone Mobile will feel a lot more familiar. Especially, if you own an iPad with M1 or M2 chipset, to play on peak graphics. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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