Update: Warzone Mobile Debuts on Play Store with Only 2 Star Ratings!

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It’s been a day since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on iOS and Android. And the initial impressions aren’t winning any awards for sure. The game received loads of critical remarks from average to pro gamers. Let’s see what went wrong and how it can be improved.

First-Day Servers Overload

This can be the number one reason for the game’s underwhelming performance. If you compare the amount of users that were anticipating the release of the game. We can safely assume that the servers weren’t capable enough to handle the overwhelming response. This is nothing new and happens to all the popular titles. If you remember the game Pokemon Go, the same thing happened to it for a few days after its release. Moreover, even the Call of Duty Mobile had the same issue on their initial release days.

Not All Devices Are Supported

This was a very novel issue, as the game’s requirements were quite high. Moreover, the game was available to download to most of the users, which is good. However, their GPU wasn’t supported which resulted in the game showing the GPU error. This can be frustrating for so many who have used their mobile data or limited data plan to download.

warzone mobile gpu error
Warzone Mobile GPU Error

Also, even the minimum requirements are not enough to play the game. Users with Snapdragon 730G or 695 are facing severe lags and graphics issues. The game has low graphics but it’s not like the ones we have in other games. We expect the low graphics to lower the environment materials and the details, textures, etc. However, Warzone Mobile adds pixelation and distorts the graphics to make it playable. Which as a result looks quite bad honestly. In the end, it’s like you either play it like that or just leave it altogether.

Android vs iPhones/iPads

Another controversy was regarding the support for Android smartphones compared to iPhones. The game seems to be more optimized for the iPhones and iPads than the Android counterparts. Many users took to social media to complain about the various gameplay issues with the game. Moreover, you have to remember that the game has been in beta mode for about 2 years now. So all of us were expecting a smooth experience with high graphics gameplay. I mean servers issues are expected but not the graphics optimization issues.

Future of Warzone Mobile

Even after the whole ordeal, I have high hopes for the game’s future. More than 10 game studios are working on this game and the game isn’t bad by any means. If you have seen the Peak graphics gameplay on the M2 iPad, you’ll know what I mean. So overall if they can optimise the game further for even the lower-range processors, that can be extremely helpful. Instead of pixelated graphics more flat-type graphics will be better. Additionally, preloading the game’s assets, shaders and textures can help even further. Let me know your experience with the game in the comments.

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