Why I Chose Hostinger Web Hosting for My Website! (Review)

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If you are getting into the websites and blogging scenario then you must be quite confused about the best web hosting service. I started my blogging journey back in 2020 and since then, I have tried multiple web hosting services. In the end, I settled with Hostinger and there are multiple reasons for it. In this blog, I’ll explain and give some reasons why I think Hostinger Web Hosting can be your best bet.

Limited Budget

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about if your budget for the website business is low. I started with a $20 budget, which included the domain and hosting. Additionally, it helps determine whether blogging is suitable for you or not. As we grow up we must spend our finances carefully.

However, like how the cheap products give you the most headache. The same case is true for the web hosting services as well. I tried a $1 monthly service, which was a great learning experience. Additionally, I learnt about the importance of active customer care service. Next, I tried a $2 service and that was a little better, but again the issue with the customer service and more.

Affordable Yet Premium Web Hosting Services

After that $2 hosting service, I also tried other cheap alternatives as well. Those were mostly local businesses offering shared hosting. And I’m not saying they are completely bad but as you grow and learn, you start to figure things out. I realised the importance of active customer service, an easy-to-login interface and also bill payments. I will talk more about them later.

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Hostinger gives the most affordable yet Premium Web Hosting services in my opinion. If you look at the features of the basic shared hosting plan “Premium“, you’ll notice that we get 100 websites support. However, in India, we get a 1 website plan as well but I won’t recommend that one. Moreover, the Premium plan offers 100 GB SSD space, Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited SSL certificates. These are necessary once you start your blogging journey. We do have a lot of other technical features that you can take yourself.

Value of Active Customer Service Support

Now after trying all those cheap web hosting services, one thing was clear I wanted prompt customer support. It’s very vital to be connected to your web hosting provider as several things could go wrong. The backend services are the main lifeline of your website and your hosting provider can help you keep it optimised.

Moreover, if you are migrating your website from another domain then Hostinger offers a free service for that as well. This is a very helpful feature that they have offered. Also, sometimes you get DNS issues or nameservers issues, that is when active customer service comes in as a clutch. I never have felt hopeless after getting in contact with Hostinger customer support. Now, 24/7 active customer support has become a priority for me when choosing a web hosting provider.

Value of user-friendly interface

Another thing I learnt that was different with Hostinger is its simpler interface. Most of the web hosting services have the cpanel as their Web Host Manager or WHM. While it is quite functional, it can get complicated for beginners. Also, they have a different client login page and web hosting manager. However, Hostinger has been different in this regard from the beginning. They have integrated the client and web host manager into one.

Moreover, the interface is user-friendly and well-structured. You can see your domain lists and email providers on the home screen. We can easily manage our domains here as well, which includes registration or transfer of domains. Additionally, for individual domains, we have another easy-to-use web host manager. All the functions are listed on the left side with a detailed overview. It’s so easy to monitor your resource usage, website health, WordPress plugins and so much more. Yes, we can manage our WordPress plugins right from the Hostinger Panel.

Final Thoughts on Hostinger Web Hosting

And that was the review for just the shared hosting that I have been using. There the super fast Cloud Hosting Plans that offer so much more. They also have introduced various AI features for writing, marketing and management. Another easily ignored advantage is the payment methods. It’s so easy to set up auto repayments on Hostinger. Also, their presence around the world provides the best loading speeds as you can choose the servers accordingly. So try their hosting service once and share your experience in the comments.

I am a Hostinger Affiliate but the experiences I have shared are genuine and in good faith. I earn a commission if you sign up using my link. It helps keep this website afloat, thank you for your support.

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