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Razer Project Valerie: 12K Triple Display Laptop

Announced back in the 2017 CES Razer Project Valerie made a lot of heads turn. It featured a whopping 12K triple-screen setup. 

The razer project Valerie was made on the basis of the Razer Pro Notebook. It featured a mechanical keyboard, aluminium body and high-end internals. Razer Pro Notebook is powered by the Intel i7 Skyake processor. And features an Nvidia GTX 1080 Graphics card.

It flaunts a 17 inch 4K display. But on the Razer Project Valerie, it has three 4K screens, which is insane.

razer project valerie
SoCIntel Core i7 Skylake
GPUNvidia GTX 1080
RAM32GB / 8GB Video
Display17.3 inch 4K [x3]
Weight5.44 KG
Razer Project Valerie Specs

The three screens have RGB lights under the panel which gives it a very gaming vibe. Also, the screens can automatically retract on their own. So there’s no chance of manhandling them while manually pushing them inside. 

razer project valerie

The Razer Project Valerie is still a prototype design and it was never made out to the market. It weighed 12 pounds or 5.44 KG which is a lot and not very practical for a laptop. The normal Razer Blade Pro Notebook costs about $3700, so we can guess how much this could cost.

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Know more about it here.

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