Best Electric Cycles In India You Can Buy Online 2024

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In today’s fast-changing world, riding a bicycle gets a cool upgrade with these Best Electric Cycles in India. Cycling is already known for keeping us healthy and being good for the environment. But now it can be paired up with modern tech to be a new and exciting choice over regular scooters and bikes. These come with rechargeable batteries, letting you zip around town without breaking a sweat.

Best Electric Bicycles in India List (December 2023)

Brand & ModelPowerBatteryGearPrice
EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle250W 36V Rear Hub Electric Motor36V 7.65Ah Lithium-Ion batterySingle ₹27,999
EMotorad EMX+ Electric Cycle250W rear hub motor13Ah Removable Battery7₹64,999
HORNBACK X1 Full Size Foldable Electric Cycle36V, 250W Brushless Direct Current motor7.65Ah removable battery7₹44,999
Motovolt URBN E-Bike36V 250W Hub electric motor20Ah Lithium-Ion batterySingle
NINETY-ONE Enigma R7 Hybrid Electric CycleBLDC 36V/250W Rear Hub Motor36V, 6.3Ah Lithium-Ion battery7
HERO LECTRO C6E 700C City Hybrid Electric Cycle250W BLDC Rear Hub Motor5.8 Ah Lithium-Ion battery7₹33,004
CRADIAC – Tungsten VOLTCRUZE Electric Cycle250W BLDC Hub Motor36V 7.8Ah Li-Ion removable batterySingle
Leader E-Power L7 Electric Cycle250W BLDC motor6.36Ah 36Volt Li-ion batterySingle₹24,999

EMotorad X2 Mountain Electric Cycle

The E MOTORAD X2 Mountain Electric Cycle combines practicality and efficiency for a smooth ride. Its 250W 36V High-Speed Rear Hub Electric Motor effortlessly tackles uphill terrain at 25 KM/HR. The five Pedal Assist levels, guided by an advanced torque sensor, enhance manual effort for a comfortable ride. It also features an LCD display that offers crucial details like battery status.

With a 36V 7.65Ah Lithium-Ion battery, the X2 provides a range of 40+ KM on PEDAL ASSIST MODE with minimal running costs. The sturdy step-through Steel Alloy Frame, 100mm front fork suspension, Mechanical Disc Brake, and 27.5” x 2.1” Nylon Tyres ensure durability and control on diverse terrains. Optional accessories like the Front LED light, mudguard, and Horn can be added for an enhanced riding experience.

EMotorad EMX+ – Best Electric Cycles In India

Explore the EMotorad EMX+ Electric Cycle, marking a milestone as India’s First Dual Suspension Electric bike. With a 100mm travel front suspension and rear suspension, it effortlessly glides over roads and potholes for a smooth ride. The 4.5″ Smart Colour LCD Display provides riding info and features a USB port for accessory charging. Offering five modes, including Cruise, Walk, Mechanical, Pedal Assist, and Throttle, it adapts to diverse riding preferences.

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The 5-level Pedal Assistance reduces manual effort by up to 80%, ensuring an extensive 70km range. The 13Ah Removable Battery charges 80% in 2.5 hours, complemented by a robust 250W rear hub motor for aggressive terrains. Safety features include a 25km/h riding speed, key ignition, MTB aluminium alloy 6061 frame, and dual disc brakes for precision control. Premium ride accessories like a high beam front light, integrated horn, and mudguards add to the overall appeal of this tech-forward electric cycle. A bit on the expensive side but one of the best electric cycles in India.

HORNBACK X1 Full Size Foldable Electric Cycle

Discover the HORNBACK X1 Full Size Foldable Electric Cycle, setting a new standard with its world-first full-sized diamond frame folding design. Folding in under a minute, including the foldable handlebar, it reduces to less than half its volume for unparalleled portability. Moreover, there’s no need to even lift it in the folded state. As there are wheels attached, we can roll it like a trolley while it is folded. The company claims a real-world range of 45km per charge with its 7.65Ah removable and rechargeable battery. Which comes with IP65 water resistance for durability.

Its 36V, 250W Brushless Direct Current motor offers reliable power, and you can choose from throttle, pedal assist (5 levels), or pure cycling modes. The HORNBACK X1 charges fully in just 4 hours, and its IP65 water-resistant design ensures electronic durability. Stay informed with the LCD display, covering speed, trip distance, battery life, and more. The electro-mechanical disc brakes provide responsive, reliable braking with automatic motor power cutoff for enhanced safety.

Motovolt URBN E-Bike – Best Electric Cycles In India

The Motovolt URBN E-Bike offers a practical combination of design and performance. Its 36V 250W Hub electric motor ensures a steady ride at 25 Km/Hour. Notably, the 20Ah Lithium-Ion battery provides an extensive 120 km travel range in pedal assist mode and is designed with fire resistance for safety. Activate the Pedal Assist Mode for a smoother journey.

Built for different terrains, the high tensile steel frame adds durability, complemented by robust front fork suspension and rear hydraulic suspension. Mechanical disc brakes offer precise control, and the 20-inch x 2.4-inch nylon puncture-resistant tires ensure reliable grip. Personalize your ride with the adjustable handlebar, and monitor your journey through the LCD display featuring a Speedometer, Odometer, and Battery Charge Status. The Motovolt URBN E-Bike includes practical accessories like a Front LED light, rear taillight, mudguard, indicators, and a horn. For streamlined service, the Motovolt App assists, making it a straightforward and practical choice for riders.

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NINETY-ONE Enigma R7 – Best Electric Cycles In India

The next one on the list of the Best Electric Cycles in India is the NINETY-ONE Enigma R7 Hybrid Electric Cycle. It features a powerful BLDC 36V/250W Rear Hub Motor, fueled by Li-Ion 36V, 6.3Ah Panasonic cells with a 2-year brand warranty. You can perform your daily commute at a mere 7 paisa per km, all while keeping the environment pollution-free. Navigate effortlessly with the IP66-certified LED Display, featuring four riding modes and indicating the battery charge level.

For durability, the NINETY-ONE Enigma R7 has a hi-tensile carbon steel frame boasting a lifetime warranty. It also features 7-speed Shimano Tourney gears and dual disc e-brakes for skid-free braking. An electronic key lock adds an extra layer of security for a superior riding experience. Stay connected with the free Wynd Fitness Tracking App to track and enhance your rides. Unboxing is convenient with the 85% assembled Electric Cycle, complete with a charger and a handy tool kit for your cycling adventures.

HERO LECTRO C6E 700C City Hybrid Electric Cycle

Discover the HERO LECTRO C6E 700C City Hybrid Electric Cycle, a smart and sustainable commuting companion. Powered by a high-torque 250W BLDC Rear Hub Motor, it’s robust, and silent, and comes with a reliable 2-year warranty for your daily commute needs. The integrated Lithium-Ion battery, boasting a 5.8 Ah capacity and IP67 certification, ensures top-notch water and dust resistance with an additional 2-year warranty.

Navigate seamlessly with the Smart LED Display offering four riding modes: Throttle (at 25 km/hr), Pedalec (up to 90% electric assist), Cruise (at 6 Km/Hr, battery-powered), and Pedal mode. The agile 6061 Alloy frame, anti-skid pedals, dual discs, and 7-speed gears provide stability and control, ensuring a safe ride. With a travel cost of 7 paise/Km and zero carbon emissions, this electric cycle emerges as a smart and eco-friendly choice for your daily commute.


CRADIAC Tungsten VOLTCRUZE, a 27.5-inch electric bicycle has a robust hi-tensile steel frame and offers durability and a smooth ride. The 3-level pedal assistant ensures effortless cycling, adapting to your pace. It’s equipped with a top-quality 36V 7.8Ah Li-Ion removable battery, providing reliable power for your journey. The IP65 water-repellant feature adds an extra layer of protection against the elements. Cruise effortlessly with pedal assist, battery, or cruise modes, and enjoy a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. For Safety there is an auto cut-off 160mm dual disc brakes, ensuring precise and secure stops. The CRADIAC Tungsten VOLTCRUZE checks all the right boxes and is one of the Best Electric Cycles in India.

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Leader E-Power L7 – Best Electric Cycles In India

Introducing the Leader E-Power L7 electric cycle – it comes in a semi-assembled condition (90% assembled), requiring user assembly using the provided Allen Key and Spanner. It is tailored for riders aged 12 and above, with an ideal height range of 5FT to 6FT, this electric cycle boasts a 27.5-inch tire size and a 19-inch frame for versatility. Safety is a priority with disc brakes on both the front and rear. The cycle features a single-speed design, a sturdy steel frame, and front suspension for a practical riding experience.

Adding to its appeal, the Leader E-Power L7 houses a 6.36Ah 36Volt Li-ion battery, providing a water-repellent and 100% dust-protected solution for all-weather carefree rides. The portable battery ensures easy charging, enhancing convenience. Furthermore, the electric cycle is equipped with a high-torque 250W BLDC motor, offering highly efficient performance with more torque per watt. This motor provides powerful performance with silent operation and a long lifespan, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable riding experience.

Why You Should Consider Buying an Electric Cycle:

  • Eco-Friendly Commuting: Electric cycles are environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. They contribute to sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Cost-Efficient: Electric cycles have lower operating costs compared to traditional vehicles. Charging an e-bike is significantly more economical than fueling a gas-powered vehicle.
  • Health Benefits: Electric cycles offer a healthier alternative to sedentary commuting. They provide an excellent option for exercise, contributing to improved cardiovascular health and overall fitness.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: E-bikes are ideal for urban commuting, helping to alleviate traffic congestion. They offer an efficient and faster way to navigate through city streets.
  • Versatility: Electric cycles are versatile and suitable for various terrains. Whether commuting in the city or exploring off-road trails, e-bikes can adapt to different environments.
  • No License Requirements: In most places, electric cycles don’t require a special license, making them accessible to a broader range of users.
best electric cycles in india to buy online

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Electric Cycle Online:

  • Range: Consider the battery range, especially if you have longer commutes. Ensure it meets your daily travel needs without compromising performance.
  • Motor Power: Check the motor power and torque to ensure it aligns with the type of terrain you’ll be traversing. More powerful motors are suitable for hilly areas.
  • Battery Life and Charging Time: Evaluate the battery life and charging time. A longer battery life and quicker charging can enhance the convenience of using the electric cycle.
  • Build and Design: Consider the build quality and design. Sturdy frames, comfortable seating, and well-designed features contribute to a better riding experience and longevity.
  • Maintenance: Check the ease of maintenance. Opt for electric cycles with components that are readily available and easy to replace or repair.
  • Brand Reputation: Consider purchasing from reputable brands with a history of producing reliable electric cycles. Read online reviews and watch videos to gather feedback from other users.

Remember, choosing the right electric cycle depends on your specific needs and preferences, so take the time to research and make an informed decision. Hope you got an idea about the best electric cycles in India that you can buy online.

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