ChromeOS Flex Support Ends for Some Devices – Time to Explore Other Options?

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As of January 1, 2024, support for ChromeOS Flex devices has ended, affecting those that officially reached the end of support in 2023. The Chrome OS Flex team won’t test or maintain these devices, although they will still receive updates. Here’s what you need to know about this change and how it may impact you.

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Chrome OS Flex Certified Models

Google actively maintains a list of certified models that are expected to work seamlessly with ChromeOS Flex. These models undergo strict testing to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for users. If you’re using a certified model, you can expect optimal performance and compatibility with ChromeOS Flex.

Check out the list of certified devices for Chrome OS Flex here.

For “Minor issues expected” models, users may encounter minor glitches but basic functionality remains supported.”Major issues expected” models may encounter significant problems like boot issues and may not receive recommendations for use with ChromeOS Flex.

Decertified Models

Decertified” refers to devices that have reached their end-of-support date. While support officially ended on December 31st of the given year, these devices may still receive updates. However, users need to note that ongoing support and maintenance efforts are no longer guaranteed for decertified models.

chrome os flex

Chrome OS Flex End of Device Support

In conclusion, the end of device support for ChromeOS Flex devices marks a significant change for users of affected models. Users may experience varying levels of compatibility and functionality depending on their device’s certification status. Consult Google’s certified models list to ensure that your device is supported. Also, to stay updated about any future developments in ChromeOS Flex support.

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