1 Year of Elon Musk’s X/Twitter Takeover, What Has Changed?

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Last year Elon Musk announced his interest in buying the social media giant Twitter. At first, it didn’t look possible because of various internal issues. However, it was all finalized in the end and Elon Musk had full control of Twitter. He even rebranded it to “X”, to let go of its image as just a tweet-sharing platform. 

An X user has pointed out all the major and minor changes and updates over the past year. The most prominent feature which boosted the creator’s growth by 10x was the introduction of ad revenues. Additionally, revenue payouts happen twice a month, and till now they have paid out approximately $20 million.

Moreover, after Elon Musk’s changes to X, even the monthly active users have increased to roughly 500 million. The user also mentioned various stats like 500 million posts every day and a whopping 100+ billion impressions. Moreover, the sign-ups for an X account have increased to 1.5 million every day, which is 4% more than the year before.

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Another big change was the introduction of X Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions. These subscriptions aim to improve the experience and offer additional exclusive features. Features like edit posts, longer posts and video uploads, priority in comments and replies and more. Furthermore, premium and Premium Plus members can get a blue check beside their profile name. They will also be eligible for X ad revenue share and the monetization tab. For more information about the various subscription tiers, features and pricing lists here.

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The platform keeps on improving with minor and major changes to UI/UX weekly and monthly. Many legacy Twitter icons and options have been removed like circles, birdhouse icons, tweepcred, legacy blue checkmark, etc. Also, even with all the negative speculations, X has managed to grow exponentially over one year. 

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