iPhone SE 4 – Details About Apple’s Newest Affordable Smartphone

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The much-anticipated iPhone SE 4 is on the horizon, and it’s set to revolutionize the budget smartphone market. Recent renders that have surfaced, give us a peek at the new design. You can notice the inspiration from the iPhone 14’s design. Let’s explore the details and the major changes confirmed for the iPhone SE 4.

Design Changes in iPhone SE 4

The iPhone SE 4 leaks suggest a brand-new look inspired by the iPhone 14. It’s got flat sides and rounded corners, giving it a modern feel. But like the new iPhone 15 line-up, there’s no sign of an action button at least from the renders. It is expected since SE usually cuts back on the Pro features.

iphone se 4 render

Bigger Screen

One of the big changes with the iPhone SE 4 is its larger screen. It’s going from 4.7 to 6.1 inches, which means more room for watching videos and playing games. The smaller display was a huge complaint of users with previous iPhone SE phones. However, you must have noticed that it’s not the modern dynamic island design. But the traditional Apple notch design. Still, this is a huge improvement and development for the iPhone SE series for sure

OLED Display in iPhone SE 4?

Also surprisingly, Apple is reportedly transitioning to OLED technology for the iPhone SE 4’s display. There are rumours about industry giants like Samsung Display, BOE, and TMMA looking for the opportunity to supply displays. If the rumours are true, this could be one of the biggest upgrades. Hopefully, this won’t increase the overall price by a huge margin.

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Additional Features

There’s talk of some cool new features in the iPhone SE 4. Some people think it might have Apple’s own 5G modem chip, which would make it faster and more efficient. We’re also hearing about improvements to the camera and security features, which could make it even more appealing.

iPhone SE 4 Expected Release Date?

We don’t have an exact release date for the iPhone SE 4 yet, but people are guessing it’ll come out in 2025. It might be announced at Apple’s fall event, along with other new products. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more news as it comes in.


In summary, the iPhone SE 4 is shaping up to be a great choice for anyone looking to experience the iOS platform. With its fresh design, bigger screen, and potential performance improvements, it’s one to watch out for. Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about this exciting new device from Apple.

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