GTA 6 Trailer Released Early, Confirms Leaks, New Characters, Release Date

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The much-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was leaked on the social media platform X . Subsequently, Rockstar released the official trailer early to counter that. The video has already had millions of views within hours of Release.

GTA 6 Trailer Leaked Early

Rockstar Games confirmed the leak of their GTA 6 trailer on social media and said on X: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube”

The GTA 6 trailer confirms the Leaks around the game releasing exclusively to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X initially. However, there is no update regarding the PC Release of the game yet. This news could be a bit disappointing for many PC game enthusiasts.

GTA 6 Female Character “Lucia”

A day before the trailer launch, a sneak peek of the trailer was also leaked on TikTok. Coming to the trailer, the Leaks regarding the game’s first female protagonist is confirmed. She’s called Lucia, and we can see her in prison at the start of the trailer. Later, we are introduced to the huge map and Skyline of the GTA 6 game. The graphics from the trailer look quite impressive with a huge open world and lots of activities.

In the main story, Lucia is seen doing heists and missions with her accomplice who could be her boyfriend. Additionally, there’s a lot of social media live footage and short videos that could play a major role in the gameplay. The trailer is 1 minute and 30 seconds long which gives just enough information about what to expect.

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GTA 6 Game Release Date

The game will be released in 2025, which is quite far. However, this much was also expected from Rockstar games. It’s already been 10 years since GTA 5 was released, so another year shouldn’t be much. The company could release more trailers for the game as we get closer to the release date. Also, this was only trailer number 1, meaning there’s more to come.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

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