Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) – Release Date, Download Information

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Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Release Date, Pre-Registrations, APK Download, Google Play Store Link, and more information.

In India, we all remember the big disappointment the FAU-G game left us with. Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar was promoting this game. So the hype got even bigger than expected. But when it was released it was the ultimate disaster. It was really sad to see how the game FAU-G turned out. Very mediocre graphics with pathetic controls and physics. But today, we take a look at the Underworld Gang Wars, a Battle Royale Game that is rooted in India. Let’s see the information regarding Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Download, APK, Pre-registration, and more.

Underworld Gang Wars Download & Release Date

MPL or Mobile Premier League-owned Mayhem Studios in a big launch event announced the new Battle Royale game called Underworld Gang Wars. They announced the release with a huge drone show. The event was attended by some big social media influencers. The drone show was quite spectacular and at last, the logo and a QR code were shown with the drones. Scanning the QR code did not lead to Underworld Gang Wars Download APK but to the game’s trailer instead. The trailer is rather short and we can see some animated action sequences and then parachuting on an island.

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Download

The game description of Underworld Gang Wars states that it involves a war between two gangs and we need to pick a side and fight. We all know battle royale has multiple teams in a group of 3 or 4. So I don’t know how a two-side gang war is supposed to play out as a Battle Royale. But we’ll learn that soon enough when the Underworld Gang Wars Download APK link becomes available.

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In the trailer, we can see a gang of three people walking and they are wearing slippers and Indian-style shoes. We also see Royal Enfield-like bikes and KGF-style hammer action. So for sure, this is going to be fully Indian rooted as they claim. We can also spot multiple Indian locations like apartments, coalmines, racecourses, stadiums, and a fort as well. It will be really fun to see these locations when the Underworld Gang Wars Download link becomes available.

GameUnderworld Gang Wars (UGW)
StudioMayhem Studios
Game Size1.5 – 2 GB (Approx.)
Launch Date22 May 2022
Release DateTBA
Download LinkTBA
Pre-registrationClick Here

Underworld Gang Wars Game’s Plot

Underworld Gang Wars Game released a video setting up the story for the game. It involves two gangs named Tyagis and Velvets. The city of Dhantara is divided between them. “Tyagi’s” being fed up with their oppressors chose to fight and hunt them down. They were able to take control of “Dhanatara” city, the map for Battle Royale. While Boris who was always being mistreated by his superiors chose to flee his country. He came to Dhantara and founded “Velvets”. And decided never to obey anyone and to always live a rich lifestyle.

Now the fight is between these two gangs, Tyagis vs Velvets who each love Dhantara equally. The story gives us a background behind the setting and emotionally involves us in the game. The creators did a good job coming up with this strategy to hook the players. It also has increased the hype for this game even further demanding the Underworld Gang Wars Download link soon. There is no information regarding the Beta or alpha stage of the game. Many famous mobile games like Battlefield Mobile started out in the Alpha or Beta stage first. There is no Underworld Gang Wars Download APK link for the Alpha or Beta stage as of yet.

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Unlike FAU-G which only played with India’s Anti China sentiment. Trying to capitalize on it, this really seems to be interested in evolving as a mobile game. Mayhem Studios has put good team effort and money behind the trailer and marketing. We have not yet seen any real game footage yet. Hopefully, they release the real gameplay footage soon and the Underworld Gang Wars Download link even sooner. I cannot wait to record some gameplay and post it on my YouTube channel.

Underworld Gang Wars Download APK and Pre-Registration

Pre-registration has already started, you can Click Here. But we can expect the Underworld Gang Wars Download link to arrive a month or two later. We’ll update the link here when it goes live. Follow their official social media handles and website for the latest updates regarding the release date and more. As the game is made in India and the scale seems to be huge. We can expect overwhelming numbers of pre-registrations. I hope that this time we will see a real mobile game from an Indian company. We also saw the release of EA’s Apex Legends Mobile a few days ago. Which is another huge mobile game which was very hyped. It is already a banger on PC and Consoles and people are enjoying it on mobile devices as well.

Let’s see how Mayhem Studios Underworld Gang Wars is able to give competition to the likes of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty Mobile, and Apex Legends Mobile.

Underworld Gang Wars Download New Updates

Underworld Gang Wars Pre-Registration has crossed the 2 Million + mark on the Google Play Store, The studio also released some new videos displaying the two gangs of Dhantara insignia. New weapon information has come out with the first gun being the “M4”. The renders show the barrel, stock, and 5.56mm bullets magazine. M4 has been one of the most popular guns in many shooting games. And here it also seems to be quite powerful and reliable. We still do not see any information regarding the underworld Gang Wars APK Download or related information. Stay tuned here as we update any more news and updates regarding the game as it goes live.

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