Thief Refused to Steal an Android Phone and For a Hilarious Reason

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While getting robbed is not a matter of laughing. Still, this robbing incident in the US became quite popular due to a quite funny reason. This incident took place in Washington DC last month, in which a thief returned the stolen “Android” phone.

According to an ABC7 report, the woman targeted recounted the incident, describing how, after her husband parked the car, two masked individuals who were armed, approached him. The perpetrators proceeded to rob him, taking everything from his pockets, seizing the keys to her truck, and making a hasty getaway.

Also, the thieves snatched the phone from the woman’s husband. However, as soon as they saw the phone, the thieves returned it. And according to the woman’s statement, the thieves said, “Oh, that’s an Android? We don’t want this. I thought it was an iPhone.”

They returned their Android phone but took the rest of the items. The fact that they refused to steal an Android phone is hilarious. IPhone in comparison to Android phones have higher and consistent resale value. This makes it a popular target among thieves and robbers.

But if we ignore the resale value reasoning there are other reasons for the popularity of the iPhones as well. Firstly, these smartphones are more secure because of Apple’s tight grip on the software and hardware. Additionally, the whole Apple ecosystem prevents iPhone users from purchasing alternatives like Android. However the whole Android vs iPhone debate is never ending, as both have different target audiences.


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