Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro | TENSOR is Coming!

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The day has arrived when the rumors about the much-awaited Google Pixel 6 series are confirmed. Google in a series of tweets leaked some information and specifications of the upcoming Pixel 6 series smartphones. Let’s take a look at it…

Google Pixel 6 Series!

The White Chapel

This one is the most talked about and awaited feature from Google. It was leaked a while ago that Google has been working on making its own system-on-chip. It was called project White ChapelSundar Pichai, the CEO of Google tweeted saying that the project has been in the works for over 4 years now. They finally managed to create their in-house chipset named Tensor. It uses Google advanced AI and machine learning algorithm to power the Pixel 6 series. This could mean a lot of improvements in terms of camera and image quality, speech recognition and translation, captions, and much more.


In-House Chipset

Apple makes their own chipset for their iPhones and now they make it even for their MacBooks. Similarly, Huawei and Samsung also have their own chipset for their mobile devices. Other manufacturers usually use either Mediatek or Snapdragon SoC. Having a chipset designed specifically for the device gives the OEM ability to control the whole device’s experience. Some features can be built specifically for the device and companies are not limited by the chipset limitations.

Pixel Visual Core

Google has been using custom chips for image processing and device security. The Pixel Visual Core is what enabled the original pixels to achieve next-level photography. It was Google’s Fully Programmable Image, Vision, and AI Processor. The Titan M chip inside newer Pixel devices made the device much safer and prevented data tampering. It safeguards user data by on-device encryption and uses the same secure technology as the Google cloud data servers.



The Pixel 6 Pro comes with 3 cameras. A main Wide camera, an ultra-wide camera, and a telephoto camera. The telephoto camera is a 4x telephoto optical zoom camera. Glad this time we get both an ultra-wide and an optical zoom camera. Cause we know what happened with the Pixel series. Sadly, the regular Pixel 6 will miss out on the telephoto camera but we do still get an ultra-wide camera at least. The front camera as seen from the renders is a center punch hole design present on both devices.

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To distinguish between the Pixel 6 and the Pro version, notice the space above the camera bar. Pixel 6 Pro will have more empty space above the camera bar. The camera layout design feels similar to the older Nexus 6P.

Improved Video

Google has finally decided to upgrade from the overused Sony sensor and move to a newer sensor. With the new Google Tensor chip, we can expect pretty outstanding camera quality. And not only for still photography but for videos as well. As some tech YouTubers who got their hands on the device seemed impressed with the video output. Hopefully, we can expect the same HDR and software processing for the videos as well. One thing is for certain that Google Pixel will still hold the crown for best photo capturing device.


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Software on Google Pixel 6 Series

The Google Pixel 6 will of course run on the company’s latest software the Android 12. Which is entirely based on Google’s Material You design. More colors, circular design, and smooth transitions. Google Pixel is also known to run on pure vanilla Android. It will be quite an experience to use this one with the latest Android 12.


Colors and Availability

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro both will be available in color combos. It will have a confirmed initial launch in 8 countries. These are the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. For India, there is no confirmation yet. Pricing could be on the higher side but we will see as the Autumn arrives.

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Let us know your thoughts about the Google Pixel 6 series in the comments.


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