Windows 11 Build 22635.2915: New Voice Access, Notepad, Screen Casting, Windows 365 Updates

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The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22635.2915 (KB5033456) has just landed in the Beta Channel. This release marks the final update until January 2024, and there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s dive into the key highlights and enhancements that Windows enthusiasts can anticipate.

Reminder for Beta Channel Insiders

A quick reminder: All Beta Channel users will now be on the same build (Build 22635.xxxx) via an enablement package. For those eager to experience the latest features right away, simply toggle ON the update option in Settings > Windows Update. Over time, feature rollouts will expand to all Beta Channel users, provided the toggle is enabled.

New Features Gradually Unveiling in the Beta Channel

Extended Languages, Multi-Display Support, and Custom Voice Commands

Extended Language Support

In this build, Windows 11 extends voice access to include languages such as French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), and Spanish (Mexico). Users can easily switch between languages via Settings > Language on the voice access bar.

windows 11 build 22635.2915 Extended language support

Multi-Display Support

Now, all voice access features are accessible on multiple displays. The grid overlay feature facilitates interaction not only with the current screen but also allows quick transitions between displays. Drag-and-drop functionality enables seamless movement of files and apps across displays.

Voice Shortcuts

Introducing voice shortcuts or custom commands for personalized commands in English. Users can effortlessly create commands, mapping single or sequential actions, by navigating to the “Voice shortcuts” tab or using the command “show voice shortcuts.”

windows 11 build 22635.2915 voice shortcuts

Improving the Discoverability of Screen Casting

Enhancements have been made to the screen casting feature in Windows 11, making it easier for users to wirelessly extend their display to nearby devices. Notable improvements include:

  • Notifications prompting users to cast during multitasking activities.
  • Updates to the Cast flyout in Quick Settings for troubleshooting nearby displays.

Windows 365 Boot: New Features and Enhancements

Dedicated Mode for Windows 365 Boot

A dedicated mode is introduced, allowing users to boot to their Windows 365 Cloud PC from designated company-owned devices. This mode ensures a seamless login experience with password-less authentication methods like Windows Hello for Business.

Customization for Windows 365 Boot

In shared mode, organizations can customize the login page with their branding from Intune, offering a personalized login experience. Additionally, a fail-fast mechanism informs users of network issues or incomplete setups before attempting a login.

Local PC Settings Management Through Windows 365 Boot

Users can now access and manage sound, display, and other device-specific settings of their local PC directly from their Cloud PC under Windows 365 Boot.

Windows 365 Switch: Enhanced Features

Improved Disconnect Experience

Users can now disconnect from their Cloud PC directly from their local PC. The Cloud PC Start menu includes tooltips for differentiation between disconnect and sign-out options.

Desktop Indicators for Windows 365 Switch

The desktop indicator now displays “Cloud PC” and “Local PC” when switching between respective PCs, providing clarity on the active environment.

Handling Increased Connection Time

Users are now provided updates on Cloud PC connection status and connection timeout indicators during extended connection times. Additionally, a copy button is introduced for quick error resolution.

windows 11 build 22635.2915 windows 356 updates

Changes and Improvements Gradually Rolling Out

Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) Transition

Windows 11 is transitioning from WSR to voice access. A dialogue prompts WSR users to try voice access, which now supports on-device speech recognition, enabling PC control and text authoring without an internet connection.

windows 11 build 22635.2915 end of windows speech recognition

Nearby Sharing Enhancement

A new feature allows users to give their device a friendlier name for sharing purposes, accessible under Settings > System > Nearby sharing.

Narrator Integration with Voice Access

Narrator users can now use voice access to open applications, dictate text, and interact with on-screen elements, enhancing the accessibility of Windows 11.

Fixes Gradually Rolling Out

Task Manager Enhancement

Creating a dump file for a process now allows selectable dump file locations for easier management.

Desktops Improvement

Addressing an issue where the background could be seen jumping when switching between desktops, offering a smoother desktop experience.

Notepad Update

An update for Notepad (version 11.2311.33.0) introduces:

  • Edit with Notepad: Easily access Notepad for file modifications directly from File Explorer.
  • Character Count Display: Keep track of document length with a character count display in the status bar, ensuring a clear view of document length.
windows 11 build 22635.2915 notepad updates


As Windows 11 evolves, these updates in Build 22635.2915 showcase a commitment to improving user experience, accessibility, and performance. The Beta Channel provides enthusiasts an early look at what’s to come. Microsoft is refining its operating system based on user feedback and technological advancements. Stay tuned for further developments, and don’t forget you can explore these features firsthand by toggling ON your updated preferences.


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