Will there be an Apple Car or iCar?


Multiple Rumours suggest that Apple is actively working on various automotive projects.  These could lead to the development of an "Apple Car"

The "Apple Car" has been the hot topic since its inception as a secret project called  "Project Titan."

In 2015, the car was supposed to be competiing with Tesla. Including smart components like Siri and deep integrations with Apple iPhones.

A June 2017 report from Bloomberg claims Apple has partnered with rental car provider Hertz in order to test out its self-driving vehicle systems.

In July 2014, the city of Sunnyvale approved Apple plans to establish an "auto testing centre."  For testing "new electronic technologies that are integrated into high-end cars."

Hyundai has confirmed that Apple has approached it and other companies about producing the Apple Car. Such advanced talks indicate Apple is ready to begin production.

Apple is expected to build a "beta" version of the "Apple Car" by 2022 then order 100,000 for production in 2024

Competition for manufacturing the Apple Car is increasing as Apple suppliers Foxconn and Luxshare has entered the electric vehicle race.