How to record WhatsApp video calls with audio automatically (iOS & Android)

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WhatsApp doesn’t offer a direct feature to record video calls with audio. However. we can make use of our phone’s built-in screen recording feature to accomplish this task. And if this feature is not available on your phone, then there are many third-party screen recording apps available. Let’s explore the steps to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on iOS and Android.

How to record WhatsApp video calls with audio?

  • For iOS: Use the phone’s built-in screen recorder (Control Centre) to record the WhatsApp video calls with audio.
  • For Android: On smartphones on Android 11 or above, we have a built-in screen recorder that you can use to record WhatsApp video calls with audio.

1. iPhone (iOS)

Enable Screen Recording

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on “Control Center.”
  • Select “Customize Controls.”
  • Add “Screen Recording” to your Control Center.

Start Recording

  • Open WhatsApp, and start a video call.
  • Swipe down, and open the Control Center.
  • Tap the recording icon, and ensure “Microphone” is on for audio.

Stop Recording

  • Tap the red status bar or the recording icon in the Control Center.
  • You can find your saved videos in the Photos app.
WhatsApp video call

2. How to record WhatsApp video calls with audio on Android?

Use Built-in Screen Recording

Check if your device has this feature in Quick Settings or Settings. Android 11 and later comes with a screen recording feature built-in. Even custom UIs like MIUI. ColorOS, Oxygen OS, etc have had this feature for a long time.

Use Third Party Screen Recording Apps

  • If not, grab a screen recording app from the Play Store, like AZ Recorder, XRecorder, etc.
  • Launch the app, and set the resolution, microphone source and directory to save the recording. Now you are all set to record WhatsApp video calls with audio.
  • So, begin your WhatsApp video call, and then start the screen recording and stop it to save. You can then locate your video in the gallery or designated folder.

Always Get Consent To Record WhatsApp Video Calls

Remember, it’s crucial to respect everyone’s privacy. Make sure everyone on the call is aware and agrees to be recorded. Violating privacy can have serious consequences.

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